The Song of the Soul

Pure Vocals by Karina Schelde


Flute, sitar, guitar, tablas and other percussion played by Lucyan Wesolowsky Amidst the dreamy, mysterious & entrancing music of Lucyan, Karina calls forth the spirits of heaven and earth with her shamanic voice. Read more


Listen to Karina guiding you into a fundamental Soul Voice® exercise: ‘Feeling is Healing’. Push play and enjoy!



1. Sunrise at Hale Akala (5:57)

2. The Heart Song (3:47)

3. Primordial Sound (3:47)

4. Jungle Atmosphere (3:29)

5. Ancient Mother (5:35)

6. The True Calling (7:06)

7. Angel ( 6:59)

8. The Art of Listening (12:28)

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